What is it about spa water that is so inviting? Is it because every time you have it, you’re already relaxed and decompressing from a nice soak and a massage? Either way, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy that same luxurious feeling right at home with your own infused water. Check out these recipes below and learn a more about how you can do a little daily detox.

How Water Helps You Detox

Your body is constantly detoxifying itself through your circulatory system: your blood carries lymphatic fluid and other impurities out through the renal system to keep them from building up in your muscles and other organs. Of course, the more you help that process along with exercise, stretching, massage and hydration, the better you’re likely to feel. Drinking water supports this process and is even more important during the hot summer months or after a workout. Having flavored water around may encourage you to drink more and could also help replenish some of the nutrients your body loses naturally throughout the course of the day.

Infused Water That Really Hydrates

Every time you work out, your body loses a lot of its natural potassium. Refueling with healthy doses of potassium could help improve regular bowel movements (not a glamorous topic, but a very important one) and prevent muscle cramps. Watermelon is extremely high in potassium. Experiment with watermelon-flavored water by adding 4 cups lightly mashed watermelon and a half dozen (or more to taste) sprigs of mint to a 3-quart water infusion pitcher and let it stand. Drink throughout the day, especially after just before and after a workout and see how much more refreshed you feel. If you want more antioxidants, helpful for warding off colds and runny noses during flu season, add an additional half cup of blueberries or strawberries.

Water for a Fussy Stomach

Some days, that last cup of coffee or an extra large lunch leaves your stomach feeling a little unsettled. Water is particularly helpful at flushing bile out of the stomach and ginger is proven to reduce nausea and all types of stomach upset. A safe ratio for ginger detox water is 1-2 inches of root, peeled and sliced, to a pitcher. To smooth out the flavor (ginger has a very intense taste) add 1-2 cups of frozen mango slices or a sliced up papaya and let that all steep together. Papaya and mango also are known for helping settle stomach acids.

Beat Down Allergies and Runny Noses

There’s a reason that your grandmother always tells you to sip on hot water with lemon when you have a sore throat. The high concentration of citric acid in the lemon helps to loosen congestion. So, if you’re feeling a little “blah” or impacted by seasonal allergies, slice up a medium lemon and add it to your pitcher. Keep in mind that the acids in the lemon are very potent and could irritate your stomach, so try drinking with a light meal. Drink a room temperature cup of lemon detox water every morning before breakfast if you know a wave of allergies symptoms is about to hit, and you should see some results relatively quickly.

More Reasons to Love This Cucumber Water Recipe

Cucumber spa water has a unique and intoxicating fragrance. It’s also extremely high in vitamin K (one cup has 19 percent of your daily allotment) and antioxidants, which studies are increasingly showing fight the types of free radicals that lead to everything from the common cold and more serious diseases like cancer. To make your own detox water, slice up a medium-sized cucumber and fill the cylinder of your infusion pitcher. Because the smell is so wonderful, give yourself an aromatherapy boost and take a big whiff before you pour yourself a refreshing glass or fill up your water bottle.

Drinking fruit water feels like an indulgence, has numerous health benefits, and is a fantastic substitute for sugary sodas and calorie-heavy fruit juices. Adding these simple recipes to your daily routine at work at home could improve your overall health. Also: they’re delicious and very low in calories. What’s not to love?