Find Time to Spare for Outdoor Fun

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, being stuck on the job or in a classroom can feel stifling. There's a good reason for that: science shows being outside ...
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Get Ready for Your First Century Ride

If you've been riding a bicycle for your health or training for a race, you've probably heard die-hard riders talk about a century ride. This is a milestone for every ...
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Delicious Dips and Healthy Chips: Tips for Low-Calorie Snacking

Many people in the U.S. are revamping the way they eat. As more and more shift their diets to lighter, low-fat proteins mingled with complex carbohydrates, mid-morning or late afternoon ...
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Four Ways to Manage Your Hydration During the Winter Months

You know you need to drink plenty of water for your health, and it's easy to think about hydration in the middle of the summer heat. In winter, though, a ...
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10 Yummy and Healthy Waist Slimming Foods To Help You Lose Weight

Not all foods, calorically speaking, are created equal. The 100 calories you intake from french fries are quite different than 100 calories from an apple. This weight loss food list ...
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