10 DIY Easter Ideas To Get You Ready

Decorating for the holidays should be fun for the entire family. Whether you and the kids love edible projects or you're more of a crafting household, there are plenty of Easter ideas that will get ...
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6 Ways To Stay Healthy in Honor of World Health Day

The World Health Organization sponsors World Health Day every April and uses it as a platform to discuss common health issues. Since the WHO monitors global epidemics, this annual event typically highlights maladies people in ...
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Find Time to Spare for Outdoor Fun

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, being stuck on the job or in a classroom can feel stifling. There's a good reason for that: science shows being outside improves your mental health, reduces ...
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Makeover Your Bedroom into Quiet and Peaceful Zen Retreat

If your home is your castle, the bedroom is your throne room. Studies keep showing that high-quality sleep is the cornerstone of good health. That starts with turning the bedroom into a peaceful retreat where ...
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Get The Grill Ready: Healthy Burger Options Perfect for Summer

There's something about firing up the grill in the spring and summer that makes everyone happy. With the outdoor cooking season right around the corner, these healthy burger ideas are as succulent and yummy as they ...
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Appetizer Recipes to Get You Ready for Grilling Season

As soon as the days get longer and warmer, our appetites turn to summery fresh fare, afternoon barbecues, and refreshing, fruity cocktails worthy of sipping by the pool. These recipes below are as appetizing to ...
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5 Signs Your Body Needs a Detox (And What to Do Next)

Do you feel stressed out all the time? Is your digestion not up to its usual efficiency? Before you write off chronic issues with your body as normal stresses, look at your diet and environment ...
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Massage at Home: The Right Tools Make All the Difference

A good massage has long been a luxury that relaxes the mind and body. Massage and other such touch therapies have lots of benefits beyond stress relief, however. Studies show regular massage can ease symptoms ...
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Keep It Simple: Use Multipurpose Kitchenware to Find Peace at Home

If you're looking to simplify your life, the kitchen is a logical place to start. It's the hub of your home, and you spend time there at least a few times a day. Whether you're ...
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12229_LED Bike Light

Get Ready for Your First Century Ride

If you've been riding a bicycle for your health or training for a race, you've probably heard die-hard riders talk about a century ride. This is a milestone for every adventurous rider, and it's no ...
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Delicious Dips and Healthy Chips: Tips for Low-Calorie Snacking

Many people in the U.S. are revamping the way they eat. As more and more shift their diets to lighter, low-fat proteins mingled with complex carbohydrates, mid-morning or late afternoon snack time is not only ...
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5 Steps to the Perfect Salad

If your menu doesn't include salads regularly, you're missing out on a quick, easy way to incorporate fiber and nutrients in your diet. Salad offers endless flavor combinations, but it's a deceptively tricky dish to ...
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10 Bento Box Recipes to Shake Up Your Child’s Lunch Routine

When you're looking to shake up your child's lunch routine and send them off to school with healthy food, the bento box trend is perhaps your best solution. A longstanding tradition in its native Japan, the ...
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Four Ways to Manage Your Hydration During the Winter Months

You know you need to drink plenty of water for your health, and it's easy to think about hydration in the middle of the summer heat. In winter, though, a cold gulp of water is ...
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10 Yummy and Healthy Waist Slimming Foods To Help You Lose Weight

Not all foods, calorically speaking, are created equal. The 100 calories you intake from french fries are quite different than 100 calories from an apple. This weight loss food list is not only healthy, it ...
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Refresh Your Palate and Detox Your Body with Delicious Infused Water

What is it about spa water that is so inviting? Is it because every time you have it, you're already relaxed and decompressing from a nice soak and a massage? Either way, there's no reason you ...
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5 Massage Benefits That Have Nothing to Do with Pampering

You know a good massage takes the kinks out after a long day. But massage's reputation as a luxury may be keeping you from relishing in the many mental and physical massage benefits. Here are ...
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Five Pet Care Tips For Loving Your Favorite Furry Friend During the Winter Months

Once we all settle in for the shorter days and lower temperatures, we need to remind ourselves that dogs and cats feel the chill, too. Just like you protect yourself from the elements with heavy outer ...
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Beat The Winter Blues

If you find yourself feeling more down in the winter months than in summer, you may have seasonal affective disorder or SAD. It's a season-based depression that often strikes when sunlight is scarce. (There is ...
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Organizing Your Kitchen Simply & Easily

Home cooks everywhere know that an organized kitchen is a happy kitchen. When you finally do step into the heart of your home to prepare dinner, you need to be able to find your most ...
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Healthy Gift Ideas for Those You Love

For many, the holiday season means the gift of giving. What better way to show how much someone means to you than by giving them a gift that promotes their health and shows them how ...
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How to Best Combat Credit Card Fraud

As we head into the holiday season, your credit and debit cards are probably going to see a lot of traffic as you buy gifts for your friends and family. While identity theft is a ...
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Best Foods for Good Breakfast

It turns out our mothers were right -- a healthy breakfast really is important. Research abounds that shows that eating breakfast consistently fends off major illnesses, including diabetes and heart problems. Your morning meal also ...
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The Most Important Kitchen Tools

A well-appointed kitchen makes healthy eating easier, and a lot more fun and new gadgets promise simplicity and great taste all the time. But before you stock up on specialty items like juicers and kitchen torches, ...
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How Gratefulness Improves Our Health

November often kicks off the season of family, giving and gratitude. With almost 30 major holidays that focus on celebrating life worldwide between the end of October and the end of the year, November is ...
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Bike Accessories Must-Have

When you first get into bicycling, you know you need some essential accessories -- an onboard pump and repair kit, good clips and maybe a gel seat to start -- so you can enjoy your ...
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Small Acts of Kindness to Help Those In Need

People are more engrossed than ever, it seems, in their lives. Cell phones and other mobile devices all but guarantee you never have to make eye contact with anyone in public. Emails and texts have ...
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Tips and Tricks To Avoid Skin Aging

"I hope I look 70 by the time I'm 40," said no person ever. Starting in our early 20s, we want to stave off looking and feeling older as long as possible. With all the skin-care products, ...
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How to Choose More Healthy Cheeses

If you want to pack nutrients into your diet like calcium, B12, magnesium and phosphorus and also watch your cholesterol rise reach for some cheese. Yes, cheese. Not all cheese is created equal, but there ...
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staying healthy this winter

Staying Healthy this Winter

Winter is officially cold and flu season. Instead of getting walloped by a nasty bug this year, there are many some small, preventative steps that will keep you healthy. Many of the recommendations below may mean that ...
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good night sleep

How to Get a Better Nights Sleep

If you feel like you're exhausted all the time, you aren't alone. One third of Americans regularly miss out on the recommended seven-plus hours of sleep they need. That's bad news, because studies show getting ...
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visually disabled

Visually Impaired Who Have Changed the World

There was a time when a physical disability meant living in a society that was completely unwelcoming, impossible to navigate, and harshly judgmental. Throughout Europe and the United States, many visually impaired and hearing impaired ...
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Which Fluids Hydrate Best

Hydration -- maintaining the right level of fluids in your body -- is crucial to your health. From digesting your food to recovering from a difficult workout, every major bodily function you have requires you ...
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Celebrating National Pizza Month

"When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie..." The American love affair with pizza is around a century old, and it's still going strong. October is National Pizza Month, so let's honor ...
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plants- home

Best Plants for Homes with Pets

If you have pets in the house, you likely think of them and treat them like members of the family. Because both dogs and cats love to gnaw at and chew on plants, it's important ...
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breast cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness: Tips to Reduce Your Risk

According to the American Cancer Society, 1 in 8 women will get a breast cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. It's likely the disease has already impacted you or someone you know. If someone in your family, ...
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manners kids

Raising Kids with Manners

As a parent, you bear the unique burden of molding how another little person behaves in this world. You want your child's creativity and wonder to thrive, and you also have a responsibility to everyone around ...
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Swirl, Sniff, Sip: Tips for Novice Wine Drinkers

Becoming a wine aficionado can be a daunting undertaking, especially if it feels like everyone around you is already an expert. Learning about it is half the fun, especially when you remind yourself that it's the fun ...
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How to Choose the Best Bike for Your Lifestyle

If you're just starting out in the cycling world, a trip to the bike shop can be a little overwhelming. Today's bicycles offer more variety than ever, and those options can translate to confusion when ...
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6 Simple Ways to Declutter Your Life

Living in the information age offers a lot of conveniences, but with them comes complications. Because we know we can do more, have more, and produce more, sometimes, frankly, we overdo it. There are plenty ...
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World Heart Day & What you Need to Know

World Heart Day is intended as a platform to raise awareness for cardiovascular disease (CVD) and to encourage all of us to live happier, healthier lifestyles. Heart disease kills over a half a million Americans annually and ...
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kids lunch

How to Get Kids to Eat a Healthy Lunch

You hear the statistics every day: Only one in 10 American children eats enough fruits and vegetables. The number one "vegetable" one-year-old eats is the french fry. Type 2 diabetes and obesity are major concerns ...
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Mediterranean Diet

Health Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet

Everyone is always looking for new ways to eat healthier, and if you blink, you're likely to miss the newest fad diet that just popped up on Pinterest. The good news: sometimes, it's the old ...
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running gear

Best Running Gear to Get the Most From Your Runs

Running is one of the most natural and simplest ways to get some exercise. While all you really need are some shoes, sweats and somewhere to go, you can get more out of each run ...
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Protecting Yourself from the Flu

As soon as the kids get back to school, the discussion inevitably shifts to the arrival of flu season. While the Center for Disease Control (CDC) can't be precise about the number of people who die ...
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Fall Trends in Home Décor

As summer fades into autumn, we shift our wardrobes to adjust to chillier air and longer nights. Our homes deserve the same sort of transition, and for 2016, fall home decor trends echo those in ...
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Halloween Tricks, Treats & Little Known Facts

People have been celebrating Halloween in some form or another for over 2,000 years. The Celtics celebrated the harvest on November 1 on a holiday they called Samhain. They also believed that the night before, ...
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How Spending Time with Grandparents is Essential

If you're lucky enough to know or have known your grandparents, you likely have fond memories of older versions of your parents who fit a certain stereotype. Maybe grandma perpetually stored questionable hard candy in a jar ...
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How We Live Different Since 9/11

If you are old enough to remember, there's no question that you can cite the exact moment you learned about the hijacked aircraft that collided with the iconic World Trade Center towers in lower Manhattan ...
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girl with phone in alley

How Living in the Moment Can Make Us Happier

What are you thinking about right now at this moment? Whatever it is, research has shown that it’s probably not focused on the task in front of you. In fact, recent studies have shown that ...
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