With airlines adding more affordable flights to their schedules, traveling has become more accessible to a wider audience these days. The great part about visiting other destinations is that it allows us to taste exotic foods, acquire a global perspective and better understand cultures different from ours. Thanks to the latest technology gadgets, traveling is now much more convenient, safer, and enjoyable than ever. Whether you are a frequent flyer or a first-time traveler, learning to travel light will save you time and energy.

Packing the appropriate tech gadgets is key in making sure you not only have a great trip but that you don’t over-pack with unnecessary items. We’ve come up with a list of top 3 tech gadgets that you will need the most while traveling.

  1. Navigation

Maps and GPS (global positioning system) are of essential when traveling. This has revolutionized how today’s generation travels. With GPS you can easily find museums, parks, restaurants or other landmarks, whether you are traveling on foot, by train, car or bicycle. Apart from showing directions GPS also calculate distance, give traffic alerts as well as the best options for various modes of transportation.

  1. Translator Dictionary

One of the cool features on your smartphone is the ability to translate basic words and sentences into different languages. There are several apps online that can be downloaded depending on the language or simply use Google translate. A translator or dictionary comes in handy when asking for directions, negotiating discounts, ordering meals or finding a restroom.

  1. Movies & Music

There is no better way to kill time when waiting at the airport, bus or train stations than listening to music or watching movies. Before you leave, load your device with your favorite playlist or that movie you have been meaning to watch but never found the time to.

  1. E-Books

Isn’t it amazing that some of the largest heaviest pieces of literature are completely portable thanks to digital technology? You can download as many ebooks as you want without adding the extra weight, saving you a lot of space in your luggage.

  1. Photos & Videos

No doubt you will want to record your vacation memories. Thankfully most of our smartphones these days come equipped with a built-in high quality camera, allowing us to capture these moments spontaneously and eliminating the need to lug a large camera and lens. Are you going to be near an ocean or spend time in water? Disposable waterproof cameras are small enough to pack and can be picked up at your local discount store before you depart.

  1. Transactions

Hotel payments, meals and excursion bookings are more convenient when they can be done on your smartphone versus carrying money. Just make sure to alert your bank of your travel plans and destinations. Also make sure your smart phone is SIM unlocked. SIM-unlocked phones provide you the flexibility of switching SIM cards from one provider to another, anywhere around the globe. This can save money on calls and other data charges.

  1. Battery

Your smartphone is only as good as its battery life and the more applications your smart phone has, the faster the battery drains. That dreaded red notification that you only have 15% battery is the most unwanted alert when traveling so be sure to bring a second backup charger.  It pays to do your research before purchasing a battery backup. Look for higher ratings in terms of capacity, durability and portability. The ability to charge devices while on the go is definitely a plus.

  1. International Adapters & Surge Protectors

Many international travellers do a ton of research on their destination, currency and language but often forget to research the types of sockets or voltage that is used in that region. There is nothing worse than reaching your destination only to find out that none of your plugs will fit the socket or that your gadgets use a different voltage. This is when international adapters and surge protectors come in handy. The best option is to bring an all-in- one international adapter, converter and surge protector. The most preferred and versatile ones have built-in USB ports and the capacity to charge several gadgets simultaneously.

So you can see it doesn’t require much time or extra space in your luggage to ensure a more enjoyable trip, if you just take a moment to prepare with these handy vacation-saving gadgets. A bit of preparation and a little research beforehand will help ensure your trip is fun and worry-free.