Summer is a great time for traveling with the family but it can be also too risky for those prone to sickness.  Travel sickness is a very common problem that could ruin your well-planned summer vacation travel.  Some people can get sick just using the various modes of transportation, like airplanes or cars, while others suffers headaches from weather or altitude change or worse of all, food poison.  So let’s take a look at some great traveling tips that may help you enjoy your summer holiday without having to worry about you and your family’s health.

1. Prepare a First-Aid Kit
Always better to be safe than sorry.  Make sure to pack a small first aid kit with supplies such as bandages and Neosporin.  It also makes sense to include pain and allergy relievers such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, antihistamines and other quick relief medicines that will help you in times of trouble.  Packing this a week ahead of your trip will give you enough time to make sure you have all you need in case of emergency.  It is also best to know any environmental risks (any plants or vegetation in the area that may trigger allergies?) prior to heading to your destination.

2. Bring Insect Repellent
Insects, and in particular, mosquitoes can pose a huge challenge in certain regions around the world. To avoid getting bit, protect yourself with a good repellent that lasts for at least 8-12 hours.  Re-apply often, especially if you are going on a camping trip or hiking with your family.  It is also essential to wear the proper leg coverings when hiking; some of those insects are so easy to spot!

3. Protect Yourself Against the Sun
If your destination is the beach or a tropical location, make sure to protect your skin with a good sunscreen.  You will want to use an SPF of 30 or more to get a good base of protection. You may also need to reapply often throughout the day, particularly in areas of the world that sit closer the equator.  If you do get a sunburn, take ibuprofen to ease the pain and redness.

4. Before you Eat
Eating local cuisine can open you up to some amazing exotic foods and wonderful cultural influences. But if you have a sensitive stomach, make sure to take extra care on what you put in your mouth. Food poisoning can be very dangerous and even life threatening so use caution when trying new foods and be sure to ask what you are eating.

5. Wash your Hands
Hand hygiene is hugely important when you travel. Washing your hands thoroughly and often can help stop the spreading the certain germs and reduce the chances of getting sick.  It is best to carry a sanitizing hand gel to keep your hands clean if water is not readily accessible.

Bring your own Insulated Water Bottles
Plastic water bottles exposed to heat can be toxic.  So before you set out on your destination be sure to purchase larger sized water bottles that can keep drinks safe from BPAs and can be refilled. Most of the insulated water bottles will even keep your water chilled overnight.  Summer can be hot so if you plan to be physically active, be sure to stay hydrated.  And always check first before you drink local water when traveling out of the country.

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