Decorating for the holidays should be fun for the entire family. Whether you and the kids love edible projects or you’re more of a crafting household, there are plenty of Easter ideas that will get the house ready for a festive, vibrant holiday. These can’t miss craft projects will be a hit with guests and friends during your celebrations this year.

1. Make a Beautiful Easter Egg Wreath

Buy a ready-made grape wood wreath from the craft store. Before you dye the eggs, hollow them out with a paper clip. The kids will have plenty of fun by picking the dye colors. Attach the eggs to the wreath with a glue gun.

2. Make Your Own Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Invest in one or two plastic Easter bunny molds (you’ll find plenty on the internet or in craft stores). Temper 1 1/2 to two 2 pounds of milk or dark chocolate (yes, chocolate chips work) and then pour the liquid chocolate into the plastic molds. Pour the excess chocolate back into the bowl, and tap the mold to remove air bubbles. Clean the edge of the mold with a knife. Repeat this process two more times. Clip the mold closed so the chocolate seals together. Voila!

3. DIY Metallic Easter Eggs

The kids will love to make centerpieces with this shimmering Easter idea. Hollow out eggs first, and then using metallic craft paint, carefully paint the eggs with copper, silver, and gold craft brushes. Make a drying rack with an old polystyrene takeout container and toothpicks. Set them around the mantle, in a basket, or in a clear vase for a centerpiece.

4. From Centerpiece to Easter Egg Hunt

Pick up a dozen colorful tulips from the local florist. Using a small wooden cheese crate (craft store or ask your cheese monger if they have an extra) creatively fill the crate with dyed eggs and the tulips. After brunch, have all of the adults hide the eggs in the house in the yard and enjoy watching the kids have an Easter egg hunt.

5. Celebrate with Egg Jars

You probably have a bunch of extra clear jars around the house. Fill them with monochromatic eggs dyed in colorful pastels. Place them around the house for instant, cheerful holiday decor.

6. Colorful Citrus and Flowers

Since Easter happens at the tail end of citrus season, try this fun Easter idea: create centerpieces with Easter lilies, Satsuma oranges, and lemons. Get as creative as you want with fruit bowls, vases, and platters.

7. Go Crazy With Egg Cups

Looking for a fun way to make place cards at the Easter table? Hand paint or write (using paint pens) your guests’ names directly onto dyed Easter eggs and then place them in eggcups. Let the kids set them around the table so you can get all the food ready! If your little ones are prone to make spelling errors, don’t worry: it just makes your party that much more memorable.

8. DIY Cupcake Toppers

Using thick card stock in Easter-friendly colors, cut out egg shapes and grass patterns. Glue the cutouts to toothpicks with hot glue. After you’ve iced the cupcakes, insert the toppers into the cupcakes for each guest. One great Easter activity: let the children pass out the cupcakes for dessert so they can show off their handiwork. Display them on a cake stand until you’re ready to serve them.

9. Make Flowerpot Cakes

Buy mini terracotta pots at a garden supply store. To prep them for baking, brush each pot with vegetable oil and line them with parchment paper. Use a vanilla cake mix (or mix your own) and fill each pot about 2/3 full with batter. Bake according to instructions. Let them cool completely and frost with chocolate frosting. Garnish with crushed chocolate cookie dirt and pebble shaped candies. Place a mint sprig in each and your friends won’t stop talking about your original Easter ideas for years.

10. Peeps Place Cards

Nothing says Easter celebration quite like marshmallow Peeps. Print up or write out name cards. Using a craft knife, slice evenly into the front of a Peeps chick. Carefully insert the card into the slit.

Turn this holiday into a craft-tacular event with the entire family. These low-stress Easter ideas may just become your family’s new tradition. Have fun and make it a special day for everyone.